phBot updates and Manager

When skip updates isn’t checked. Updates cause clients to continuisly open and get stuck on the “Update or Skip” option.

I would prefer to just staying on the bleeding edge and deal with those problems as they arise than to skip every update.

A little more info. I only run ~8 bots (+2 when I run phsro). After I had already closed a bunch (trying not to close the bots that managed to stay logged in, yay queue times) I figured I would grab a count of how many bots it’s opened.

Skip updates. There’s no point in letting it update each time.

What’s the point of having the option in Manager then?

I assumed not having skip updates would just let the newest phbot process update the bot and the rest would just run the new version after that.

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There are too many things that could go wrong when you launch a lot of bots all at the same time and they all try to update. You should skip updates and let the manager update the bot.

You should skip updates and let the manager update the bot.

Okay I just need a little clarification than.

When “skip updates” is selected in the Manager options, Manager will update the bot still?

Yes, there’s a separate option to check for updates. The skip option only disables it for the bot.