Phbot trader

hi i wanna trade always with same transpot i dont want to dismount transpet and return back i mean always hotan - samar
samar - hotan hotan - samar but always same transpet . is this possible ?

Record the same script walking back to the original town. When you get back to the original town it should do the town loop then start over again.

It have to do town loop ?

When you go back to the starting town the script will have ended so it will do the town loop.

haa I got it okey but if someone see me they can understand i use phbot :confused: in this server this bot is frobbidden to use

I have one question more . when ice thief hit my transpot he is getting frozen and after frozen transpot waits 1-2 second. I saw someone their transpot after frozen doesnt wait quickly walking ?

You should get purification pills for the transport.

I knooww already I use pills for transpot but after transpot in frozen ,transpot is waiting 1-2 second after walking . understood ?

thats way NPC Thief kills me :frowning:

Your transport shouldn’t be dying if you also have potions for it. Does it not have enough health?

200 k health and thiefs hit is 3 k

I might be able to fix that. You’ll have to test it in the next version.

when the next version date ?

Probably soon.

but I dont want town loop ?

Then edit your town script to start the script.

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