pHBot Titan Drops

Titan falling from the monsters ‘’ Lucky Magic Powder (11Dg), Strength Scroll, Intelligence, Hit, Dodging, Trigger Scroll, Instant Return Scroll ‘’ thought this nick can I set at this fell?


I do not understand the question.

Titan I want to drop the nick from the monsters I set for the falling drops. and how do I add audio files for drops falling from titan monsters?

is this what ur looking for?

No, I’m talking about falling drops of Lucky Magic Powder, Strength Scroll, etc. falling from titan monsters.

they are not consider as rare


I’m not going to add this since it’s not possible to know which monster dropped a specific item without tracking their position relative to the item drop position. You would be better off setting a sound for when a titan spawns assuming it’s not frequent.

sox drop thought sound play feature, such as titan monsters falling sound drop feature can you add?

Equipment rare drops are different from things like scrolls which is why there is a sound alert that can be used.

So you’re gonna add it in the next update?

No, I said I wouldn’t.

If you do, many users will be satisfied.

It would be easier to add a sound notification to the pick filter so whenever you pick it up it’ll play a sound if it exists.

Yes, the room would be nice. Do you have a chance to add this in the next update? and it is much better if the notification is sent via the bot, not the windows.

It will be in the next release.

Thank you