PhBot testing - windows 11 database corrupted error

ok this is an odd one. PhBot Stable is working fine but the phbot testing seems to be failing at certain point. I am new… well 2 months user now so im not sure whats happening here.
So first time if open the phbot this is what I see. Im on ISRO so i select the locale.

than i get the following error.

once i click on OK. the bot closes itself.
I have tried to install SRO from fresh, but it makes no difference.
And as i mentioned before, this is only a problem o PhBot testing. Stable works fine.

Did you try going into the data folder and deleting the isro.db3 file? Then let the bot make it again

well i dont have any isro.db3 file in data folder. cache folder is also empty.

Edit. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the phBot testing to see if that makes any difference
First time running the phbot after installing it gave me a different error if it helps.
this also caused the isro.db3 file to be generated but… its too small in size due to error i believe.


Once i press ok Phbot shuts down. if i restart again, i end up getting the database corrupted error instead of the skill error

You may need to reinstall the game.

Hi @Ryan. thank you for your suggestion. I already done that multiple times. it seems to be only a windows 11 issue. it works fine on windows 8 im running on VM for example.

@Ryan I managed to workaround the problem by generating the isro.db3 file from windows 8 VM machine.
basically i started the phbot testing on VM since that worked with no issues. I than copied over the isro.db3 file to the phbot testing data folder. by doing so the issue disappeared.