Phbot stuck

Hello im using 23.1.4 version of PHbot and my bot always get stuck in the training area i choose go back cordinate if stuck but its not solve my problem :confused: i need help :smiley:

In the training area or walking to it?

in training bot trying to attack unreachable monsters and never give up so my bot stuck

Is collision detection enabled?

yes collision and navigate enabled

What is it getting stuck on?

Edit: If you mean stuck on objects in the training area, I have made some significant improvements to that for the next version.

i am facing the same issue Ryan,

and My setting
( Checked ) Enable collision detection in training area
( Checked ) Navigate around obstacles
( Checked ) Go Back A coordinate if stuck after ( 15 ) s
( Checked ) Return if Stuck in Script after ( 120 ) s

when the bot stuck at something he just do nothing

The stuck options are for scripts only.

yes have same proplem sometimes gone and somtimes stuck can fix that next version