Phbot stallbot logfile

Hello admin and community
I’ve been using phbot autostall for several days now and everything works amazingly satisfactorily.
My question is the possibility to add a logfile to the sold article in stall and consignment?
This would facilitate many things and one could better understand the sales figures with several accounts
Thank you for your support

If you go to the Log folder and look at your character log it should show you who bought the items.

Is there a possibility my settings are wrong?
My logfile already shows more than 1000 lines after 3 days most contain “Login Queue:” and “Script: Walking to”
Therefore, it is very confusing and time-consuming and almost impossible to find the items sold
Another problem is that if the manager reloggs the logfile is deleted

Once they reach a certain size it gets erased when you start another bot. I’d have to add some type of stall log.

Many Thanks
I look forward to it

I’ve added it and it will be in the next testing release.


hello admin
I have tested the last update and can confirm that it works well and records every item sold in the stall in a logfile. Unfortunately, the recording of the consignment is missing. I ask you to add it also in the logfile of sales in the consignment. Thank you for your efforts

I can log them too but there’s no way to know who bought the item.

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Many Thanks for fast support

hello Ryan
the stall log file has a problem
only the last sale is in the file
as soon as a char sells another item, the old entry is overwritten
I hope you find a way to fix this bug
sincere thanks

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Thanks again for fast support

Hello Ryan
I have been using stall-log for some time and have noticed a problem.
As soon as the char is offline, which unfortunately happens frequently, sales in the consignment are not logged.
To solve the problem, I suggest logging only when the char picks up the gold of the sold item in consignment in the bot, for example, “[12:17:39] Consignment: Settled [Heaven Armet]”.
Many Thanks

log file stall now very good ryan last time possible character Server? stall log file?