Phbot second devil

Hey i have 2 devil in my char. One is angel spirit other is devil spirit. I can use devil after my angel finished. So could we give order to use any devil is in usage?

(Turkish translation: çarımda 2 tane devil var ama phbot 1 tanesini görüp basıyor diğeri hep boşta kalıyor. Phbota komut verip boşta olan devili takıp basmasını sağlayabiliyor muyuz?)

thats not even a thing in bot u cant change devils auto also they should share same cooldown

its not same cooldown im playing this server 2 years. and this is bot so this is a thing for bot.


Oh god :smiley:

not every pvps are same :smiley:

Oh lol :sweat_smile: