phBot Scripts/Training Area

I’ve made a script for my bot and when i start the bot it does the town script fine and buys everything but after it completes the town script it stays at the teleport point and doesn’t go to the spot i made a script for and after about 30 seconds of staying at the teleport point it starts doing the town script again. How can i make it go to the spot after the town script has been done.

Your first click in your walk script needs to be inside town spawn otherwise it won’t execute it. Also, there is path finding now so you can just click get position at your training area and it will go there automatically.

Oh thank you for the fast reply :smiley:

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When i click the Get position somtimes it will say wrong town script after its done its town settings and just stand still

You shouldn’t change the position while it’s doing the town loop and stuff.

I didn’t i was training near town when it went back it wouldn’t leave … i fixed the issue going to hotan as main town then it worked fine could of being possible user error

If you start it in the wrong town and are using a script it will get that message.

ok wicked bro ill do some more testing after i got max level thanks again Ryan