Phbot script problem

What is that problem it happened after finishing town script its a trade script from jangan to bandit

enter Protection > Return

make sure those are unchecked


that was the issue i had

Dont listen to @Mo7ammadQ8.
This happens when the bot Protection - Return says something needs to be bought but in -Town > items you didnt check a box correctly. Thats what happend to me, the bot didnt buy something he needed and was not allowed to go to training area becouze of this after town loop.
Check again all options in Protection - Return and in TOWN option

Bro do u have facebook or whatsapp i want to ask u about few staff

lol, and that was the issue with my traders they were trying to buy hp and speed while my script dont goes to Groccery or potion !

Uncheck hp and speed in Town and than the error goes away ^^

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