Phbot restarting after 1min in the queue,

phbot restarting after 1min in the queue, and i got bann on all my chars.

on sbot works perfectly, and here it works till yesterday lol, starts from nowhere. i did nothing

If the bot is closing it could be your manager delays, check not in game delay… you should set it to 0.

solved, but now i have other problem, it stays ~30 sec with the message connecting to the gateway server blabla through blabla and after that dissapered(disconnect) . it dont go to queue anymore. why

Sounds like your proxy isn’t working

solved that too, but now another problem appeared. after 30-1hour in the queue, when it finnaly connects, gets disconect . its because of the proxy ?


cheked now but that char with the problem doesnt have a proxy lol

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