Phbot respawn problem

first hello everyone my problem is about respawn from protection part. i clicked respawn if you are not in traning area but it is not respawing though it is out of area help me pls

can you give more detail ?
version of bot
wich server privat or isro ?

its stable latest version and isro there is selection at protection > return on the right side “Return if you are dead out of training area” i clicked it already but it is not returning to town after he is dead out of training area

do you have on training area tab / seting ==> enable colision cheked ? if yes uncheck it

colision? sorry i am not using it english language and couldnt understand

sorry my fault … on stable vertion is not exist or im again wrong
try too use testing vertion maybe 21.7.4

is there any chance to fix it on stable version cuz i am using it right now and very hard to enter 10 chars in game i mean 99 hours waiting…

i can’t help you more sry i dont use stable vertions
@ryan have solution maybe
have fun ^^

What is your radius in training area ?
If it is too high like 9999 maybe bot understands that you are already in training area.
Check it and inform us again :slight_smile:

its just 30 not too much