Phbot RelogInn on iSRO

Hey I need a help? As you all know on isro is 2 IP ban ffor log in. I made that my phbot will log in 2 by 2. but why when one of them get dc try to log in, while 2 of them was log in before? ( sory for my english) I hope you understand. I mean why 3acc try log in in one moment, when I made max 2 ??? Anyone can help me?

Do one at a time.

Is it true that payed usser almost never get dc against not payd? Becouse I have nuker and buying premim, and almost never get dc. but my golf bot each 1 hour or often… Maybe it is error with phbot? becouse I have 5 gold bots and when I started using this phbot, never saw them together online…

Depends on VIP status and if the server has fatigue or not. It is impossible to stay connected to Kali without VIP.

Hey Ryan. for isro (palmyra server) is ip ban 2. with socks proxy I can have unlimited bot count? I mean about this proxy . is ir true?

Sure, but you need one IP per account so it gets expensive.

maybe you know another way to get all acc online. I mean when all can get log inn in one moment? or it gets anyway to expensive?

Buy proxies or login one at a time. Free proxies are unreliable and something like tor would only give you one IP as far as I know plus who knows what the latency would be like.