Phbot relogin after silkroad client crash

Hi, First of all when bot first starts using manager it logs in using client but the issue is with relogging in after client crashes and bot switches to clientless
if for whatever reason the game disconnects the bot will try to relogin but clientlessly
which in my case is a problem as client needs to send the HWID packet as stated in a previous post
I’m not sure how I can totally disable clientless login… I have the client checkbox ticked but still it tries to login clientlessly

Edit, also when login errors with c7 the client crashes and clientless login starts and back to square 1 no HWID sent to server

any help would be appreciated, thanks

i have a similar issue… i client normaly, then open manager and all work fine until i get clientless for
some reason… nothing happens, but if the clientless got disconnected it will try to open the SRO.exe but it will get bug when try to fill the server user and pw and eventually the phbot crash.

Use the Manager and don’t choose the “relog on disconnect” option. That enables bot relog and the client won’t be started. You need to the let Manager do it.

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removed the relog on disconnect option from manager and still, bot starts client then if C7 error, switches to clientless login

You’re able to login with the bot though?

when it tries clientless login no i can’t it needs hwid, but when no errors happen during login trials it logs in ok

is it possible to totally disable the clientless login a simple option like sbot or something?

Choose the client option.


i already do, but this option doesn’t save and using manager does not check this option

also it seems to have no effect

only works without manager

It’s not starting the client again after you went clientless because it thinks you did that intentionally and don’t want to use the client anymore. I’ll make some changes.

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thanks so much

sorry @Ryan how would i know when this will be fixed, as im unable to use the bot until it’s fixed (using sbot atm) :frowning: my internet is somewhat garbage so i need the relogin with client feature (bot time ticking as well :frowning:)

sorry again for any disturbance

I’ll send you something to try soon.

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thaaaaaaaanks testing right away
steps to test
1 - kill client from task manager
2 - cut internet connection
3 - see results

sorry @Ryan
i get this image

You need to put it in your current bot folder.

oh dumb me sorry thought it was installer :stuck_out_tongue:

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