Phbot question since im new user

after all these years i just started using phbot and its awesome.
ive just manage to set up Manager the right way xD.
But after some time my bots go " clientless " for some reason and i have to relog to see the char.
And no i didnt put go clientless after some time and so on and on :smiley: They just go clientless idk why.
Thank you in advance

The game is just crashing… if you didn’t have the bot you’d be disconnected. You can open the client via teleport instead of relog if you want.

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Ok, thank you !

yeah i got again clientless as soon as i pressed START BOT.
i marked this from the beginning. Is this the problem or ?
When i want em to relog clientless its ok. i know that and that works .
But is this the problem why it goes clientless ?

even when i hide client manualy i get clientless after few mins and i have to relog all over again

No starting the bot isn’t the cause… the game is crashing it’s likely nothing you’ve done wrong

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i played FW and nothing happen and as soon as i started bot few mins boom clientless :smiley:

even when i click by myself Hide client i cant show client later cuz it went clientless and i have to teleport or relog

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