Phbot problem

i have a old user: rodolfito84 and have 7 days for left vsro, but i tried to pay my old acount, and dont rember e-mail adrrres, so but i create other e-mail and same user: rodolfito84 but other password and pay to paypal. so now i have request in my email: new user and pasword for phbot , can i transalte to my old acount ? or other solution

I can but it’s annoying. You can see your old email here:

ok . so i restar my password. so have a new password, how can change password bot ?

Change the Password field inside phBot.ini.

i know , but i wanna change the defauldt password (restar) bot, for other password

You can’t. It’s pointless anyway.

hi guys this may be wrong place to post .
im old user . when move to new site created new account
bought 8 weeks bot time .
when i open new bot from bot folder it updates then you enter ph bot pass an id.
i enter info an it says wrong password .any help thanks .

an the password an id i enter works fine to enter the site

You have to login with the new password from phBot | Silkroad Online Bot

I’m closing this thread because you’re not the original poster.