phBot plugin | Where to start?

Hey there,
I want to create some phBot plugins with python but where do I start? I saw that the plugins import phbot, where do I see all the functions inside which I can use? Is there a thread or a tutorial where to start, what to do?

For example I want to do a plugin for the HWT, where the char invite another char of choice to the party, they enter, kill the first unique and move on to the next once the first one is dead etc. And when every unique is dead, move to town, re-create the pt and re-enter.

This is an example. I would like to automate a few things but don’t know where to start.
I would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance,

There actually is no file. What you’re importing is function I created inside the bot.

You wrote that you made alot of functions available to Python. Where do I see the list of the functions?

Is it possible to code something like, if a choosen unique is dead -> move to the next training place etc?

Do you play Fembria? :smiley:

Yes I do

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You could check this to use as your starting point.