PhBot on Linux Ubuntu problem with DEP + Directx

Hello i cant run bot because CrapTrap is saying that i need to disable DEP , can You tell me how to do this?? :slight_smile:

Also i am turining this on Linux VPS Ubuntu so i’ve got also problem with Direct3D "could not initialize Direct 3D. You may the instlled DirectX DLLs. " , so it would be nice to have Phbot instant login by clientless :confused: , any ideas :frowning:

You can run CrapTrap under Linux however not a VPS because it has no 3D acceleration. You can either run CrapTrap locally and set your IP using the remote option or pay for the CrapTrap subscription.

So if i will buy CrapTrap i will avoid 3D acceleration? and also the problem with DEP?

CrapTrap subscription enables the β€œServer” option that is grayed out for you. Using that option means you will not need to run any clients on the VPS.

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Thank You, so im going to buy this ! <3

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