Phbot notification win

through windows10 notification-center
same as youtube by chrome browser (to what i use)

i see in phbot-testing … it does give notification display & win10 ping sound … when any of the notification i choose happen’s
it does not display the sound i set it to display/run/trigger
and when getting PM … it does not display/show msg details
& even display a msg from phbot that a msg/PM was received … just the PING sound … & its a win10 ping sound … not the ping sound i set it to run

& its a " .wav " 6sec’s
this is what i set
u can play it on the "upload* website without downloading

well sound is working for uniques

would like to know why its not “function” the way it should … to me…?
u using win10?
how long is each of this .wav files? 1sec? 10sec?
is phbot program to run only certain long time clip only? like Only 2sec’s or something like that?

It only plays a sound. There is no notification.

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in windows10
it plays a sound
but not the sound i set … why
it plays windows10 PING sound … same sound when u search in text file for a certain word … but that word dont exists…
also i do get banner notifications of all the the stuff i set the bot to notification me … with a msg in the banner on whats that notification for …
but the PM banner dont pop … Only sound
it should’ve pop-up like other banner’s(died or DC or or or…) & a msg on it should be displayed as in whats in that PM & from him like "(private)#$#$: #@$@#…

It has to be a WAV file otherwise it will not play it. There is no notification for PMs, only a sound.

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it is a .wav file 6secend long

also could u make a pop-up banner for the PM

as in if im on something else like a game or something … & got few PM’s(spamm) … i could avoid switching to phbot or phbot manager to open bot to just check a PM that might have sily thing like “10k plzz” or “plvl plzz” or maybe someone im ignoring or someone im not expected

also sometimes i do stuff while im not wearing my headphone or having sounds off … a banner displayed with detail of that PM would give it a priority in my interests to check it or keep busy at what im doing…

its a silly feature … but dealing with details does impress ur community sometimes(or always in non-childish eyes)

i mean look at TOYODA … success comes with the Quality&details…
even though we compare them as phbot-stable xD

example for the need for a banner:

& can be by choice … incase u have a mofo friends who talks dirty always and u dont want ur passing by mother to see how toxic the game u play is…
choice is to display msg details ofc… as in:
[time] player (party/PM) or just PM

There will be an option under notifications to show one for private messages.

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as in the next testing update?
in “sounds” section?
or there will be a new section called notification?

There is already a notification section under “protection”.

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