PhBot not working properly on cSRO SilkroadR server

PhBot not working properly on cSRO SilkroadR server 1

Use the client to login.

Client login failed, flash back

Like I wrote in my thread even with the client the same thing is happening for the automatic login.
When manually logging in he can’t get the character data

You are talking about IccGame, right?


I’m not able to run the game at all even with no bot.

The game runs just fine. Thursday there was a patch and afterwards the problems with the bot began

Update client version to 1.356
Download address:游戏下载_新丝路

It launched and I don’t see any issues yet. Do you have an account I can use to test with?

Test Account: 90sro5 password:qwe12345678

Thanks. I’m in game and will start working on these issues.

OK, thx, goodluck. :smile:

This should work. I was unable to test item pick since nothing was dropping.

OK, I’ll test it.Thanks.

Still not working. Please check the reason.


I have the same issue using the manager and automatic login (with client). But at least manual login is working for me

manual login , Relog on disconnect ?

Well yeah, relog on disconnect is not working

Can we expect any fix for this issue?