PhBot not saving configuration or login data

Hello, i´m trying to set up the bot with all the server loging info and it does not log in automatically, i have to manually go into the game, login and select character, i did it a couple times and configured the bot, and it worked normally but as soon as i close the bot and open it again, the loging info is gone, as well as the configuration, even tho i do the exact same steps of manually loging, i have to set the bot configuration again everytime i open the game. i have also used manager but it doesn´t even start the game.

Character settings are loaded when the character joins the game thats why you see an empty bot when you open it up. If you want the character login info entered automatically you need to use manager. If the manager isnt opening the bot it likely means you are missing some information. You can check the manager log and it will tell you wants wrong.

thank you man i actually figured it out, now thwe problem is i´m trying to log 6 characters but when on the 4th loging in it says something about HWID PC Limit

Is there a limit on the server you play? or the bot is saying HWID limit? Send a screenshot.

I play in Bellona server.

I log in 2 accs normally and when I try to log 3rd acc, phbot closes client.

Anyone can help me, please?

@fabgaldd you can only have 2 accounts in the queue at once in iSRO or TRSRO. If you have more then 2 in the queue at once youll get IP blocked.

@DeRidder14, thank you so much.

Answer me one more thing, please.

After I log in to the 2 accs, can I put 2 more in the queue?


@DeRidder14, thank you again.

Have a nice rest of day.


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