phbot not combine " Snow Flake "

phbot not combine " Snow Flake " in any way.

Did you read the change log? The item is broken and cannot always be combined.

it combines
after u teleport or relogin…
at least let it combine the whole bag(snowFlex included) when it returns base

It’s disabled in the latest bot otherwise it would get stuck combining that item forever.


u mean it try’s combining it while in training spot?

in that case
if i leave my character for half a day
it will be stuck

u could disable it from combining by this

which u did

& disable from combining in training spot


only combine while by the bot itself
while botting … when it return& spawn at base…
(new code line i guess or something…)

it wont spamm it endlessly…

i just combined them manually
after teleporting back to base
none refused to combine
there for dont think bot will get stuck trying to combine…
as long that it try’s it after returning to base…

i mean
incase someone walked back to base
with this events collected
& the person started his bot while in town…

bot should have a command to NOT combine event(& feature items with similar situation from combaining…

till the bot itself return(while being out side town)
or even when a player hits START-BOT while in-town & instantly hits return button or scroll…

as basic as when it starts using speed buff to walk around town…

guess this might be a too much annoying to add/edit/fix i know xD

but since you are the One&Only bot atm covering isro

there are alot of noobs(ya noobs)
who stop plvling
& spamm Event farming
for getting ALOT of zerk
& spamm it in FW or JW or PK or fast Doungeon(mostly PVP related)
& for MS&pandora … for fast lvling
& trolling … as in opening it near low lvls
or near party that is KSing on them
or like some of palmyra players: they went to Roc with its high lvl
& opened alot of MS & pandora … just to screw other’s roc killing … letting them waste time on ress & run around … till Roc fly’ed away… xD

too much grgrgrgrgr i know :smiley:

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