Phbot not accepting ress(isro palmyra)

we are not accepting ress
even though its marked to accept from randoms

either the bot is fcking up
after the palmyra server stroke with its multiple DC’s from interactive with anything to get to ur inventory
( @Ryan )
think they might’ve changed some codings? and bot dont understand the new codings … for ress as example…?

if so & u need a testing account … i got u covered … let me know…


bot says “accepting ress”
but its still dead … 2 time getting ress but not actually accepting it…

it might be a server coding bug
(testing while in server without bot)
the “want to accept revive or not” option … dont display
even though
its weird that phbot reads it as it was received…

It’s just sending the accept res after it sees someone used a resurrect skill. It’s not waiting for the server to show a dialog.

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