Phbot no conecta

because I get that, I only have 7 connected and I chat for the pt when I connect it does not connect

Your IP is blocked by Joymax.
You get this when you logging more than 2 accounts at once

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And what can I do ? solution ?

You have to wait until your IP is unblocked and you should use Manger for logging

thanks you know some sort of to avoid so much traffic

What you mean?
In the Manager you have an option that he will logging only 2 accounts at once

I only mean traffic as avoiding so much traffic you know some solution

about trafik there is no solution or buy vip /premium for get instan acces

you can buy proxy for log more than 2 char at once

use google for found some reseler with a good one proxy socket 5

hello where I buy those proxy

There are different providers.
Use Google to find them