phBot Manager

I have a problem setting up the manager. When i type my username and password in the manager to log in the server it gets my username or password wrong. My password is a little complicated because of the server requirements and it has uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers and a symbol so i’m wondering why the bot/manager can’t get it right to log in the server? Any help?

hello did you try only with phbot without manager ?

I tried 2 things.

  1. I opened the bot and logged in by myself, then i disconnected and the bot re logged just fine.
  2. Then i tried logging in without me logging in first and the same thing happened like with manager. (Basically type my id/pw in “Login” before starting the client and trying to log in)

try this way maybe he help you :
close all process from manager and phbot include crap trap
open manager and type ur id pw like u do in bot then save
close again manager and reboot computer
start again manager after reboot and start ur char from manager ( test only 1 char )

Okay i will try it now and i will come back to tell you if it’s fixed.

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Same problem after trying… Still can’t get my password or username correct.

i can’t help more sry

sry i cant edit
@ryan will help you more maybe

btw do you use last vertion of manager ?

Yes, i’m using the 1.8.0 version.

Do you have non-ASCII characters in your username/password? That’s the only thing I can think of. Any random characters you have in your password shouldn’t matter.