Phbot Manager cant login

hi there, im on the server Eron-Online but i cant use phmanager it worked fine for me on isro, but here when i start a account on manager it wont open my phbot testing it just starts the client, and i wont log in into the client as well automaticly and when i try to logon by hand it says c8 error, only get this problem with manager when i use the phbot testing without manager everything works fine for me. please help me

If the client is opening so is the bot, you probably have hide turned on in manager or something. If its not logging in auto theres a good chance you have the wrong server name typed in manager or in the server settings of the bot.

no it opens the bot 1 time but after that not more if i closed the bot, how do i find the right server name or server setting because when i start the phbot without mananger it works perfectly but with manager i cant get it working. its on the private server Eron-Online

it wont start my bot so i dont know what is wrong with my bot. i filled in manager the same as u showed me above but it wont start my phbot, i closed all bots on my pc started manager and tried to start one and tried to start all but doesnt start my phbot it just opens the client thats all and only one client not 3 as i start 3 accounts from ph manager.