phBot in "Connected" mode when error 28

The manager open the bot, the bot doesn’t connect because of error 28, and the manager doesn’t close the bot to try again because the bot status says “connected”.
It was working before the server check, any ideas?

Before latest update of game
Manger was fastly close and open bot
But now it’s not

Having the same issue since the last update, login error 28 but phbot states connected, therefore the manager thinks this session is still logging in although it’s stuck.

What now

I’ve stopped my bots for now :smiley:

If you log in with the client you can see the problem. Joymax now is showing a window letting you know that you can purchase instant access. @Ryan could you please look into it?

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I posted this in discord a few hours ago. It will now disconnect if you get error 28.

Thanks @Ryan but I am using the stable release, it seems that this one that you uploaded is the testing (is looking for phyton38.dll) could you please upload the stable version?

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Latest stable release is available. Thanks!

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