Phbot hwid!

this morning I started phbot on PC + laptop, later turned off the PC and sterted on the second laptop, then I got error with hwid limit, reset on the page, in the evening turned off on laptop to enter PC and again I had that hwid limit error on one laptop and PC, so something is wrong because I can’t run phbot on 3 devices.

TODAY THE SAME PROBLEM !!! i run phbot on 1 PC + 2 laptop, when i close bot on 1 laptop and run it again i got error HWID on the same laptop when i play 1 min ago !!! … FIX THAT SHIT and reset now hwid limit because again i cant play like yestarday !! ( MAYBE ITS PROBLEM ON MANAGER SIDE BECAUSE I USE IT )

2 ) next problem in manager = hide client dont work… need click SHOW and again HIDE by hand …( i make reinstall, new setttings etc… )

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