Phbot From Clientless To Client Problem

I’ve had problems when i click on the “GO CLIENT” button for a long time.On the opening screen(windowed logo of sro) client froze.I had solved this situation in my own way.After some tries I managed it by right clicking “START CLIENT” of the character in the bot manager.But i can’t get a result with these tries in bot manager for three days.I think it is not caused by pc or game but by phbot software. I wait for your help about this situation. Thank you.

If this is iSRO I can’t do anything because they broke GFXFileManager and it fails to load files sometimes.

Yes this is iSRO. If you can’t do anything what can you give me advice… @Ryan

Some say Windows 7 works better compared to 10. There’s nothing you can do besides that.

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I using win 7 @Ryan :smiley:

Nothing else you can do.

okay thanks :pensive: @Ryan

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