PHBOT dont start or LOGIN set-up dont work


I have some problems with phbot. Sometimes works sometime not.
1)I opened 8 chars with proxy, they works fine for 8-10 hours, and after that the errors are comming. they recconect 2-3 times, and 4rd times phbot get errot and stop opening them.( and is not about ip bann. he open the phbot tab but dont start the client)
For exapmle:
after 200min bot reconnect my char normally…but after 2-3 recconects he stop.
2) I set bot to login 4 chars at once,and he will open all chars till i get ip ban.
if i make 2 groups…everything will be fu…cked

you can use Manager

i get this errors using manager, 12hours works normally and after he stor recconect without any error meesage

@Ryan Try again using this.