Hi phbot administrators. I have a phbot problem. I’m doing taxi in the TRSRO. But phbot doesn’t taking taxi golds. My customers send me exchange but bot doesn’t accept exchange and its making nothing. When I see my customers send me exchange I press accept , then bot taking gold. But if I don’t press accpet bot is making nothing. However sometimes bot take auto gold but its rare. My taxi configurations all is done. Also my bot have latest updates.

And this my bot configuration:

Can you help me please?

The server does not allow you to exchange while being attacked so there is no fix.


Yes, but my customers leaving party then send me exchange. After payment they joining party again. Bot sometimes approving exchange but usually bot isn’t approving. My problem isn’t this: “The server does not allow you to exchange while being attacked” My problem, bot doesn’t taking auto golds, doesnt auto accept. Ryan please help me, I think I did explain my problem.

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