Phbot daily quest, gennie lamp

hello, i did with bot, gennie lamp quest with my chars, they are getting the quest i think, from hotan but they are not finishing it, withdraw it and take it to homeless geniee to exchange… how i do that help ?

i did on quests, gennie lamp’s, i check for npc in hotan(where my spawn is), and then i did use return scroll, but it is not withdraw the quest, and taking it to homeless gennie

Enable the genie lamp quest and the homeless genie quest. I did test this on iSRO a few days ago.

what do you mean, how i do that? where do i go on bot

on quest i did, Enable, use return scroll, but not work he dont withdraw the quest and take it to homeless

char is using reutrn scroll, it say finish quest, he return scroll but he do nothing, he do it over and over again…

If those NPCs are not in your respawn town it might not work.

yeah but i check the npc name, and its the same

its called daily quest manager dasara, i did it on phbot, enable, use return scroll and it is not working, any soultion?

Yes that’s the one I tested in Hotan.

How can you help me solve this problem? it is not working for me and i dont know what to do, tell me what to do^^?

there is any other soultion, to create script or something, and if there is how i do that exacly…?

im new member on phbot, i have no clue

I didn’t have any problems so I’m not sure what’s wrong.


make sure its the same lvl as ur character (#1~#0)
regardless of the NPC name…

& trigger this 2x options

& set ur prime weapon … cuz it effects bot function in general … to what i’ve seen

& DONT enable this options:

if these didnt help
anyone in general who is doing this … could help with some info…

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hi, cool, but i dont have those options, im using phbot stable ;(,
Thanks for the help i apprecite it, i have 1 question, is it possible if i will download phbot testing, to save all the settings i’ve set on phbot stable to the testing version ? and then i will do what u just told me to do with this quest ?

give me doom SuperShotGun’s bullets !

let me shoot’em…
jokes aside…
switch to testing…
& ya you need to reset all settings(if i remember)…
& if you using manager … that would make it easy for a “login”
but u got to also change bot&map directory/path:

& incase u never used it
best to start with this settings:

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If you want to keep using stable you can just add something like this to your scripts or to your town script. This example is for Hotan.

quest,Daily Quest Manager Dasra,Genie's Lamp
quest,Homeless Genie,Hand the lamp

where to add it?

i tried now to put script, i returned scroll, start script, go to npc dasara, i did quest, same to gennie homeless, but bot just goes on, he dosent stop and take the quest, idk why.