Phbot config

What kind of changes can we make through phbot.ini?

  1. How can captcha autocompletion be done in manual entry, not from manager?

  2. How to automatically select the Private server and the server with the name we have specified in manual login?

  3. Is it possible to close Zoomhack via phbot.ini?

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  1. Static captcha’s can be set in the “Edit Private Server” dialog
  2. Use the Manager or
  1. I want auto captcha to complete when logging in manually, not with admin phbot.
  2. I couldn’t do this. “privateserver arg” What do I write instead of arg? Can you give an example?
  3. I couldn’t find how to close the map unlimited with the mouse?

1.then this doesn’t relate to phbot :smiley:

3 how it bothers u i dont get it


  1. When it comes in from the manager it works, it needs auto filling when it enters without me.
  2. We want it to remain constant. If it is offered upon request, we will be more than satisfied.
  1. Auto filling? What are you talking about?
  2. I’m not adding a zoom hack toggle. You’re free to use the “–force-inject” which uses the DLL instead and won’t have a zoom hack.
  1. When I enter manually without a bot manager, I do not have to fill in the security code automatically. I want it to fill in the code I set myself.
  2. How am I going to do this? Can you explain with an example?
  1. Passcode? You can set Passcode=.... in phBot.ini.
  2. In a batch file: start phBot.exe --force-inject
  1. Image code, not passcode. When I manually enter without the manager, I want it to autofill the image code.

Look at @Slaintrax image. It does not support dynamic captchas.

Can’t add an option to the connect section to support dynamic captha. To be faster and more practical?

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No. That isn’t something simple. The only servers with non-static captchas is official vSRO.

He is able to make another bot. I thought you could do it too. :slight_smile:

Are you playing official vSRO?

Evet, vSRO. bSilkroad sunucusunda oynuyorum.