phBot closes after dataload Status 100%


maybe someone can help me with this issue i have since about 2 weeks.
After starting the Manager, the bots startup as they should but some of the bots close immediately and start loading again.
These messages I get form the bots
[13:39:55] Welcome to phBot v25.6.0
[13:39:57] Login successful
[13:39:57] You have x days left for iSRO/SilkroadR/vSRO/cSRO SilkroadR
[13:39:59] Data load status: 0%
[13:39:59] Waiting for data to finish loading
[13:40:00] Data load status: 10%
[13:40:02] Data load status: 20%
[13:40:02] Data load status: 30%
[13:40:02] Data load status: 40%
[13:40:02] Data load status: 50%
[13:40:02] Data load status: 60%
[13:40:05] Data load status: 70%
[13:40:05] Data load status: 80%
[13:40:06] Data load status: 90%
[13:40:06] Data load status: 100%
Bot closes an starts again.

Sometimes it takes only 3 attempts but I also observed 20+ attempts until the bot finaly logs in.
Already tried to raise the start delay 15000, client 240000, disconnecded 120000, not in game (900)

Manager v2.0.8 bot v. 25.6.0

Thx in advance
Br, Bewood

Seems like you need to increase the disconnected delay even more

also double the times wont help


JcPlanet, iSRO, Palmyra

Topic can be closed.
The solution for me was to delete the Manager and setup the Manager from scratch.
Something must have been wrong with the Manager config…

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i have the same problem … same server and same version

a legendary fairy … sister of blue genie … says:
PetiteFleur the solo bow … should join a party in order do lift this cursed problem from its manager… <,<

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