PHbot cannot be used in Official Server?

A new Taiwan official server was opened , it’s the beta phase now . When I log in with phbot, the server shows disconnection ,so i can’t use phbot in this server , can u try to fix it ? thx .
game website:

I’ve been working on it.

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Thanks @Ryan :slight_smile:

There may be things that don’t work.!j151FKpA!GU71hrQusck4C3btal64W_vOHlb_3Mou8woPjw76PWA

thx , i will test it .

I dont suggest to use phbot as you use it in isro or any other psro here, they may ban you. So be careful.

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Same goes for the GameCom server. Have to go old school and check on things every once in a while.

English only. I don’t know what they changed, just that it’s iSRO files.

i have tested , it dosen’t work …

Yes it does.