Phbot bug or error


Hello friends, I attach a photo of the error that I have with recurrence, only the server is deleted.
Every time it happens to me I have to re-add the server manually.
Any ideas?

Servers do not get deleted from the list. Are you sure you added one to begin with?

Yes, the server is added for me.
The problem is that it removes itself and then you can’t find it. the bot
removes it.


This has been happening to me for a this week, but I have been using phbot with this server for months.

I’ll tell you what I do:
1 open phbot test
2 I add Latin silkroad
3 the bot logs in correctly
4 I open phbot manager and everything works fine.

5 After a few days, the bot gives me the error that it showed at the beginning and when I try to find the server, it does not exist

You need to add the actual server name. Click “Scan”.


Este es el proceso que hago. ¿Falta algo más?

I did those previous steps many times and after a few days the server was deleted.

any ideas?

There should be no issues once the server name has been added and you clicked save.

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