Phbot auto quest inquiry

i have chr farming in job temple and did setup the auto quest and scripts etc but the chr keeps standing in the attack spot and switching weapons and doesnt want to auto deliver the quest as i set it up,
also i cant find this option ( Enable collision detection in the training area ) in bot settings somehow,
can someone help me pls?

I assume you’re using stable since you can’t find those options. For it to turn in the quest you need to specify a walk script.

Switch to testing to get those features and you won’t need to set a script.

may i ask why when i set bot to use buffs while script as cleric secondary it keeps switching and buffing ?
im wiz cleric i do soul and body deity in sec buff script and it stand still and keeps switching and rebuffing 24/7

Are you using stable? Try testing.

im facing weird issue
only my main chr when it starts to quto quest after 2-3mins bot disconnects only this chr
tho i tried the testing version and it doesnt auto quest :frowning: dunno what to do i have to do it with script and when i do it with script this chr dcs

If you switch to testing and you had a script set you will need to remove the script from the bot so it will find its way to the NPC on its own.

It shouldn’t disconnect when doing quests even if you set your own script.

so with testing ver i just make walk script to spot and start bot it will take quest and auto deliver right?

Yes, in fact you don’t really need to make a script for the training area either.

still cant make it can you help me setting it please with teamviewer ?
and i have chr when i start bot on it it says ( invalid target ) and never atack.
restarted chr and did everything its same any idea why?

check you’r list buff and list atack skill somthing wrong on
check monster priority too