Hello, I would like to know if you would be interested and would like the idea of ​​the bot having an app, where you can control the bot’s actions via mobile? I’m a mobile developer.


It’s technically possible. It would basically have to be a Manager controller and not a bot controller otherwise it would get crazy complicated. Maybe.


i asked @JellyBitz before
if its possible to create a phbot app for IOS & Android
that can control the phbot on PC through it…
said its an old similar project that got abandon


is it possible to create an app
that RUN phbot & silkroad
as Clientless Only ofc…?

regardless of:
Silkroad size is BIG up to near 6GB
& update size
& data usage IN&OUT
& CPU background will be always running

can it be done?
some of us got massive FREE space &or dont mind making space since its OPTIONAL
& some of us have Open data usage
so using big amount of internet wont effect…
but battery maybe

Use TeamViewer or setup a VPN and RDP into the machine.

ya i know
im using Google Desktop remote App

this is another suggestion type
to cut the 3rd party app
& less internet use … even though its time to time
& less snooping around ur PC while ur AFK from it yet ur windows is unlocked cuz u are viewing it from an App
& also … its cool

Controlling phbot and running a phbot and silkroad are totally different things. If you have a static ip, then making a plugin that creates a socket server allow you to run python functions remotely. As a simple way.

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dear Ryan
im interested in the idea
of having a bot controller
not manager controller
even if its complicated
with monthly fee
through apple store & (google store too sure >.>)
other than the phbot subscription time we already got…
as in running the client on the mobile
& not a … “control the bot in ur PC through ur mobile”
even if it takes space in GB digits…(personally i dont care/mind)
& with the ability to run background ofc
with no “go client” button ofc… will at least for me…

reason is:
going for alot of travel … business wise… soon

i dont mind supporting the develop cost reasonably…
with no profits for me…

did you just want a clientless phbot for you mobile phone ? :smile:

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Let me just tell you this, you probably don’t know the rates a good developer goes by and you also don’t know how much time it would take to implement this but I’ll humor you.
Let’s say a developer costs 80€/h (and believe me… I’m lowballing this number)
And that it would take 2 months (again… i’m lowballing this number) to develop an app for both iOS and Android.
Let’s say that the developer works 8h a day for 5 days a week
The total cost of this for you would be 25600€.

Are you willing to pay basically 26000€ for a phBot to run on a mobile phone?

Alot of wrong numbers here xD


really? My rate is 120€/h it also depends on where you live but that’s my reality

@lucaskab (or who ever did a random account to introduce a topic)

& any expert in creating/doing/converting phbot to a mobile/tab app…


since ur the one & only big bot for sro

& the world is upgrading most its works & #gov business through app’s as will (at least where im from…)

& so on with an endless topics of being switched/have… an application ios/android…

any plan’s / reconsidering
on applicationing a phbot…?

you could as will make AD that would get u paid well
considering the amount of players using ur bot
on isro or private servers…

subscription be like
buy the APP first time only
(to download&run on mobile … not time subscription)
& run for FREE(needs phbot subscription though)
(ofc u have to have phbot time bought too & ip limit counts)
but with ADs
& for more 4~5$/month … u will have no ADs
market sharing & benefits…
even if ios/android ask more … add it for starters…
cuz u know … & some dont mind paying…

this subscription
is for running the phbot on the mobile
not phbot time
meaning could reach 1month(4weeks) of 12$
with no AD subscription

meaning the phbot time is still the same
with the ip limit as it is…

with all phbot function … but the “go client”…

running on the mobile/tablet sideways…

& fix’s & updates are required as time goes on
specially a new project(phbot app)…

Yo @Invoker

that was a nice app u did

even though there was problem with the CPU useage
there is always a room&way for improvements…

  • & on the subject of phbot app

could you convert phbot(stable~testing) & phmanager maybe
to android & ios?

fully standalone with no need to connect to a PC

but without client opening
rotating through the bot’s map

… in shorts … all the above reply’s… xD

this is for monitoring & stuff like that
not full gaming experience
which would be on PC if needed…

ofc it would take space
but some of us got GB’s of free space

plus we already see big games on mobile
from DOOM(DOS versions)
assoluto racing(some old version of GranTurismo PS3 or PS4…)
call of duty
(examples of big games with different mechanics…)

i just charged my phbot
& was reading into the its “features”

Fully functional clientless:

  • Game does not even need to be installed to bot.

isn’t it time to make a phbot/manager app (ios/android)

if your worried about costs…
making that app running on a mobile with a monthly fee would cover u on the long run…

i & im sure lots of travelers(even if its to work)
that are botting 24/7 would like to check the char/game time to time
chat in general

its like that old digital game of taking care of ur pet:

except its a character(slave?xD)