Phbot api Race EU or CH

hi Ryan --charRace = character[‘race’] --EU or CH-- how can I reach

Use get_character_data and look at the model field.

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OK thanks. this is how i handled it
charRaceEU=[14730,14731,14730,14732,14730,14733,14730,14734,14735,14736,14737,14738,14739,14740,14741,14742,14717,14718,14719,14720,14721,14722,14723,14724 ,14725,14726,14727,14728,14729]

You can make it easier without listing all the existing ID’s.

def GetCountry(model_id):
	if model_id > 1932:
		return 'EU'
	return 'CH'

You senior programmer
I junior developer
Thanks <3