Phbot and manager

Hey, well i ran into a problem that manager stops working. it doesnt re-run phbots when they disconnect. Then i need to manually close every process from Manager.exe and start from scrap. there is no error, except occasional virus alert for Phbot.exe, but i allow that.

any idea how to fix this?

u tried making permanent exceptions for the bot folder from you anti virus?

Yes, tried it but still doesn’t work. i don’t think there is antivirus problem but the manager itself

unlikely, since you are the only one experiencing it. Check your settings in the manager again, check for updates of bot + manager, check for possible anti virus + firewall error. Do you run the manager as admin? In case nothing solves your problem, save your config files and redownload all bot+manager files. If then the error still exists there must be a major problem with your OS.

Okay i’ve done that. now im running for 3 days and no error yet. lets see how long will it run. i ran manager as admin and disable the firewall and antivirus

Okay been running it for quite a while, i found out the problem. there wasnt a problem with phbot but with my connection, i sometimes get lagg spikes and when i get that phbot manager thinks every bot is offline and it doesn’t run any of them. Thank you for the help, Have a nice day