phBot 23.2.1 Bug stalling Lucky stone

Hi Ryan,

i think i stumbeled over a bug.
I tried mutiple times to set the bot to sell lucky stones (dg 11) over the consignment.
But even with the exact same setting as the other stones the bot wont stall them.
All other stones work out fine.

The reason i do think its a bug ist the log from the bot itself.
It shows the same entrys as with the other stones e.g.:
“going to npc (consignment)…
stalling items…
exiting npc…”

But in the end the lucky stones still remain in the inventory.

Would you please be so kind and verify if this is a bug or a human error?

Thank you in advance.



PS: two minor things… 1. I recognized that 1h swords are not displayed if items are filtered in the pickfilter settings (Wearable -> Eu weap) //// 2. errors occur when you try to use the filter in stall settings regarding jewelry (Wearable -> Jewelry EU + Chin)

Bump @Ryan

Which slot are they in?

each stack 100 pieces

There shouldn’t be any issues with that. Are you configuring it wrong? Try the “filter” option and set a max stack and price.

Cleared and Redid the whole setting.
100 Stones, activating consignment, setting price.

Still doesnt work.

1st pic is before consignment, 2cond right after.

Thank you for looking into this!



Just tried it with normal physical stalling. That works out.
So basically it should be a Consignment thing.