Phbot 1-70 LVL Free Sos Item Npcs

Hello.I want to ask you something about 1-70 Lvl Npcs.
I want to buy free sos items from npc.For example European Goods Supplier Ohara.
How can I choose the item type robe,armor or light armor and how can I use it i?

Not supported. If it uses the tokens then it can buy the item but it will buy every single loop.

I mean for example:Bot will buy automatically lvl 1,lvl 8,lvl 16

I want to select for example:This robe packet.How Is it possible?

Yea not supported. I meant to get around to adding that but it’s not a priority.

I was trying for hours.It should not be hard for you please help me with plugin.Thanks

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yes need this spesification.
Please help us.

ı can use another plugin ?pls helpp :smiley: ı have trash pc