Ph manager

Hello ryan, do i have to wait till chars get in to set them to relog on dc or it will relog itself? Because in the login partition its not signed on the relog function!!

If you did not select relog on dc in the manager, it wont be checked in the phbot’s login page. Since manager does the relog on dc stuff by itself, there is no need to check that option.

So it already has this function itself and no need to check it from the bot login page? And if not how to check on the reconnect from manager? Thanks in advance

It will not tell you. It restarts the process when it disconnects.

The main purpose of the manager is this actually :slight_smile: (except managing multiple accs)

Yea, i noticed that ryan… It close the phbot all of it and reopen it again, i love it :blush::blush:
Thanks ryan for thay great manager :heart::kissing_heart:

I got ya, its working perfectly… Thanks for your response, have a gud day :heart:

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