Ph bot Manager

i have a problem in Manager, i’ve added all the info required and when i press right click and start, the manager runs the bot and the client but he dont make a login to game just the screen of ID and PW and when i check the manager log he just say logging in…

Did you select the server to connect to?

actually yes because he told me at the beginning there are no servers in the list but i solve this problem and he can detect the server now but he cant login idk why just writing to me logging in and nothing more

Can you share a screenshot by hiding Manager ID and PW information?

Hello, i have the same problem with manager… i can’t connect the account in this way… But i can open the phbot.exe and then open the manager… and will detect the accounts. but i cant log in the first way this guy says. pls help…

P.D: and if i close the phbot.exe… the manager will open another right away and start client. but never can access the server.

pls help :frowning:

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