Pets not working

When i get clientless mod my chars pets now working. How i can fix it ? Phbot is updated to last version. 23.0.8

Did you enable the pet and set it to pick up items in the pick filter?

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You should has take look over Settings…

already check all settings and all picking settings. when game is client mode everything is okay but when im getting clientless bot working but pet is not picking anything.

There is no difference between client and clientless for pick pet. It sounds like you haven’t enabled the pet in the bot so when you have the client up the client is picking up random crap that’s on the ground with your pet.

I think i saw whats the problem. when i get clientless my pets try to collect specialty goods box. and my chars inv is full for specialty goods box. pet trying to collect it and its going off for specialty goods sacks full. i select dont pick specialty goods box from pick filter but its not working again trying to collect it.

It will not pick an item if you haven’t set it to pick in the filter.

i selected it so there is the problem. already selected and set for dont pick specialty goods box. but still trying to pick it. in game pet setting closed too picking specialty goods.

The attack Pet is not working in the clientless mode, the skills Concentration or Recover are not working … help me ?

Those are fellow pet buffs and are not supported unless the client is running.

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