Pet pick problem

When I select the use pet option, the pet switches from open to closed automatically.

I tried all kinds of settings but it doesn’t work.

It’s supposed to do that otherwise the game will try and use it to pick up items. You have to use the filter to control what the pet will pick up.

I also adjusted the necessary things in the filter. But when you select the “use pet” option, the pet becomes “off” automatically and does not collect anything.

That’s right. You haven’t set up the pick filter to use the pet. You only enabled it.

no, I marked “collect with pet” in the collection filter. can I take a screenshot?

Did you to go items list and set WHAT ITEMS pet has to pick?

of course.

Give me a screenshot of that please. Any item pick options of which you pick


@Ryan When I mark “collect with pet” it automatically becomes “off”.

What this problem @Ryan ?

I did everything properly. :slight_smile:

Why are you still asking about the pet being turned off? That is perfectly normal. The bot will control the pet instead of the client. It should be picking up items assuming the bot is started.

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okay let’s say this is normal closing the pet. But he does not do the picking job.

It is normal. Since the beginning of Silkroad bots every single one has disabled the pick pet in that way. Something with your settings is wrong otherwise it would be picking the items up.

ok I took care of it. But the following “energy of life” troubles me: /

I have no bad intentions. I just want it to fill in “energy of life” when it’s not a monster. this much. @Ryan