PC crash/restart after opening client

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone of you is experiencing the same issue.

I’m using Manager v1.9.2 together with Testing v23.7.0.
Sometimes when I want to open a client, my pc crashses and restarts (this happened with older Manager and Testing/Stable versions before). My Windows log then shows the Kernal-Power error (Event ID: 41 - Description: The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first.)
The weird thing is that my PC has pretty good parts in it and the temperatures are fine too.

Does anyone experience this as well/has a solution for it? Looking forward to your answer(s). Thanks!

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It can’t be the bot causing that. It doesn’t do anything in the kernel. I would make sure it’s not the power supply.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your quick reply. My power supply is the “Cooler Master MWE Gold 650 Full Modular PSU”, which seems like a fine one to me.
From my experience it is really the process of opening a client. I never experience a crash if a client (or multiple clients) is (are) already open, which to me equals a higher load…

If anyone has any other idea, please let me know, thanks!

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How old is it though?

November 2019 :grinning:

Should be perfectly fine. You can check voltages with HWMONITOR.

Your power supply isn’t listed? That would be where the voltages show up.

Indeed, I don’t see my power supply listed…this is weird, I’ll try and figure this out.

if you download cpu Z you can also bench only the cpu if there areend any crashes you should try firemark if this dont crash try both at the same time if it crasches on the cpu test it could be mobo/cpu/ram/PSU if it crashes only it firemark its most likely the gpu/ram/mobo …
if it only crshes if both are running its most likly the psu/ram/mobo
also check if it also crsches with 1 ram dimm and test both
or how many you have
also resset bios if you make some voltage setting or oc just try to isolate things also try another hdd if you have but as it sounds like its only if pc have to handel some kind of load

Hm, I’m using HWINFO now as a software and this is all I could find regarding voltage…still further research needed :slight_smile:

now load something heavy like a benchmark and see if the voltage drops (a little is normal)

Thank you for your help. I will be using this test. Keep you posted :slight_smile:

Nothing seems to be wrong with my power supply…

(it’s Dutch btw, I ran the test for an hour and the message on the right says “no errors detected”)…

A friend of mine is experiencing the same issue…he is almost certain that it is due to silkroad (not necessarily PhBot!)…

do other cpu/gpu intense games run without any problems ?
maybe you should try another server for like 2-3 days


Thanks for your comment.
I don’t play any other gpu/cpu intense games…so I can’t compare unfortunately…
What do you mean by try another server? What server?

Hmm I have tried different tests…they don’t show any errors.
The weird thing is that the crash happens only when I open a client (go client → return scroll), which shouldn’t be more intense than having multiple clients open at the same time…

With different servers I mean another sro p server just for testing… If you don’t have this problem there it must be the sro server you are playing on… In this case I would contact the gm

Seems like you are playing on vSro 2 Job.