payment problem

I purchased phbot with login and password. I’m reaching you now. but I can not login to the boat after downloading the user name and password. now the money I paid went to waste. Could you help ?

If you did not receive the login info you should reset it here: phBot | Silkroad Online Bot

I am now registered on the form site and have mail and user name. we write the password I am writing to you right now. When I enter the password change, there is no such user name. How can I log in to your site and write this article? I’ve been a member of this site, so I paid this form of money to the site after I downloaded the test version. ID and PW input when I make no valid or ID pw says wrong. I can’t access the boat, please help or I want to get my payment back.

or I don’t know. If the ID pw is being taken from a different location for the entry to the boat, please help. tested and downloaded the normal version. I try to access both places but I can’t login.

check the email you enter for payment u have id and pw in


How are you going to login if you got a refund? Bot and forum accounts are separate. You receive the bot info in your email after a successful payment.