Payment method

Good afternoon, I want to make the payment through BTC, but I do not have an account in the coinpayments wallet, can I make the payment from another wallet?

You should not need to do that. They should give you an address to send the payment to.

Ready and resolved, I was complicating my life. Do not notice that they had a paypal method and buy, I will be buying as you see how this bot goes, it looks good. If you can recommend me guides for Party of 8, for trade and stall I would be grateful.

Or, everything? :slight_smile:

Thank you, you are very kind.

one doubt, I can edit the username and password of my phbot?

No. It’s only used for the bot so it doesn’t matter.

If you want to charge more time to the same account as the process would be?

Yes. Enter the same email and time will extend.


I’m having problems, if I activate that option the bot does nothing.

I read it in a forum thread, deactivated it and went back to working the bot, would it be a problem?

I’m farmeando in a very small place.

Your training area is probably really close to the walls of that area so it’s acting as if you can’t move. Just keep it turned off if you are going to bot there.

I managed to solve it thanks, now I have a question about how to use 2 staff of wizzard, that what with the mbot without problems, in phbot I can not find the option.

Why would you need to use two wizard staffs? Unless you mean wizard + cleric rod? You can just add the buffs to the list and it switches to the appropriate weapon. You can even use 3 different weapons.

For when a weapon is broken, change to another weapon of wizzard, something basic in a bot, it helps you to spend more time in the training area

No one has ever requested it so it was never added. I’m not sure how useful that is because if your weapon breaks then armor will break soon after.


how to see the option to return to the city when all weapons are broken, and set the option of how many weapons to use in this case place 2, can be 3 or 4 or 5

I assure you that my training prevents the armor from breaking before using 3 weapons.

I could probably add it if it’s that useful. I assume this is for power leveling so you’re rarely attacked by monsters?

for when would I add this option? it is of vital importance to me

I am having another difficulty to find the normal items to establish what to do with this object, when I try to consult by degree they appear only item SOX

Which server is this for? What you have selected should show all EU armor based on the degree.

Silkroad Latino, if in fact it shows the level of the selected item, I mean it does not show the normal items, only SOX items

Are you sure all of the 13D items are not rare? It will show all the items regardless of their rarity unless you select “rare” from the drop down.