Password is invalid

i have user and password and my friend is already working with and when i try to login it calls ( the password you interred is invalid

Did you type it wrong? Just copy and paste it.

hello mr Ryan …
i do … even i tried to login with my account and the same problem my new account i have create it yesterday it should login and tells you have no bot time but it also tells me invalid PW

You don’t create accounts for the bot. They are generated upon a successful payment, or time is extended to an existing account. This forum has nothing to do with the bot login.

and what about my friend user ? he is working with it already

Login to the bot with the same username/password as him.

i do but it tells me invalid pw

That’s not possible.

thank you for support and the problem has been solved and now the bot is attacking very slow why !!! could you please tell me

i was using sbot and sbot x10 faster then Phbot why !

Did you add a conflicting skill and/or buff to the list?

i dont understand but i add normal skills and buffs

and i would like to ask about auto trading system

If that’s a private server you should be using the testing release.

ok i will try it now and please tell me about auto trading

am using now tasting and same slow attack

Something is wrong in your config. See the guide at for auto trade.

ok thank you for your support

i have done script from alex to const and its working perfict but from const to alex when i start bot run to the respwn center i dont know whyyyyyyy please help :confused:

Hi, i have this problem with invalid password too. How i can solvent this ?