"Party member nearby count" condition

Hi, @Ryan

Could you please add IF “party member nearby count” to conditions?


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@Ryan i need that to

what you need to we could find another way

i need a conditions like: if party member nearby count == 6 {leave party}
if i try it with only nearby count it will not work if random ppl walk near my slot.
Party member count doesn’t work to becouse the other 5 chars cant reverse because the pt master
will leave the pt before they can even reverse.

So u mean if they are actually in your training spot so your 7th char leave the pt … but I think it will be reinvited and leave again in an infinite loop if so … your idea is when they are in town and gather themselves so the 7th leave … but if so I think it will enter the same loop again of invite and leave … u know what I mean or I didn’t explain well ?

It wouldn’t invite again it will switch to a different profile in which accept pt invite is disabled from that character. We just need @Ryan to add party member nearby count condition.

@Ryan Is this possible to do?

aha got your idea … but is there any change profile related conditions ?


Yes, it’s currently if player nearby count >=6(profile x). The problem with this is that when random players walk through my training area, the condition triggers.

I need it to be if party member nearby count >=6(profile x). This would be a solution to my problem as it will only see party member nearby count, and not every single player who walks through my training area.


I’ll add it for the next version.

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Approximately when will the next version come out?

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